Monday, February 11, 2008

a fish died today. i hate our fish tank. i used to love it. i nurtured it, cleaned it, admired it. then one day martin told his grandmother that, "it practically takes care of itself." funny how since he wasn't tending to it, it clearly was self-sustaining. let's just say, it's not the lovely tank it once was. i don't suppose i should take out my resentment on the fish. they are fed daily and i top off the water when it becomes grossly low. it's not like srs is going to come haul them away.

i ran again today. i made it a little easier on myself by taking walking breaks of about a minute following each mile. i made it a little more than three and a half miles. i think that way i'll be more likely to be able to add distance. and my legs don't seem to be angry (yet). i'd love to be able to run a half-marathon eventually. good thing eventually is a long long time from now.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved thrift store, but the opportunities at the Y sound promising. I am so impressed with your new commitment to exercise. I have even been managing to exercise twice a week again. I tried a few miles on the treadmill this week, and I agree that it does seem to be more of a work out than the eliptical. We splurged and bought a treadmill, as Larry has no time to get to the gym. So now I have no excuses (for when I don't make it to the Y...although I want to get back into lifting weights there and maybe vary up my cardio some). Beth

Anonymous said...

runners keep telling me that it's easier to run outside, so if i can build up some tolerance for the treadmill, i'll hopefully enjoy running outdoors when the spring comes along.