Monday, January 21, 2008

had a good workout this morning, despite a small chest cold. in felt fine while lifting and eliptical-ing six miles. stopping made my chest hurt. i'd've kept going were it not for picking up audrey from school and taking her to the dentist. no cavities, mom!

still trying to get ducks in a row for starting my job as a fundraiser for the pet connection. i know it will be a trial by fire of sorts but i still need more background on exactly what i'm trying to do here. part of me is hesitating to get started because i know that once i'm making a living, martin & i will separate for real (as opposed to the miserable co-habitating with little communication and no love). i know it will be good for both of us to move on -- it's just not the picture i'd painted in my head.

alright, the other kids will be home from school soon. that's a wierd thing for me to have to say.

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whoinsamhill said...

I got that (weird to have to say). It's got to be in large part this damn culture which says "Divorce Made Easy" instead of "What about the vows?"