Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V.D.!

yup. that's what i said. i've never been much of a fan of said holiday. that's one thing martin & i have always shared. an adamant distaste for phony romance and obligatory gestures of love.

my dear mrs diggs called me to remind me that the kids would be participating in card and candy exchanges at school. i had only realized it a few hours prior, so her warning was well deserved. we're all experiencing culture shock. i think i'm reeling the most from it. the kids could barely sleep last night in anticipation of the silliness that would be today. they all came home sugarred up and toting bags and boxes of faux sentiment and genetically modified sugar. mmmm, mmmm, good. emily was even sent a special lollipop from a special boy. holy cow. i'm so not ready for all of this.

so a few days ago i was reflecting on what exactly turned me so very very off to v.d. i remembered receiving red and pink carnations from the wrong boy more than once. carrying around three separate bouquets at school doesn't exactly say, "credible girlfriend" to the boy who you actually like. not getting the box of cheap chocolates from the my secret crush always hurt a bit. but it was the year i was working at Katie's Cafe on valentine's night when a new kid in town -- a bit of a rebel (i don't know if he was even enrolled in school) named eddie -- apparently had a thing for me. such a thing for me that he delivered to my workplace a live rabbit. yes. i don't know what says, "be my valentine" more than a fuzzy pooping biting farm animal. perhaps he was just buying me dinner in a very round-about way. anyway, i vaguely remember keeping it for a couple days and then being forced to return said gift. nothing ever happened between the boy and me. though i always referred to him as "eddie rabbit" after that.

and i've not celebrated valentine's day since.

so if you're thinking about setting me up with one of your friends after martin and i separate, please tip him off that i'm completely serious about not wanting even a card mid-february. that's non-negotiable.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I would react to getting a live rabbit for Valentine's Day. I'm certain that this falls into that "the thought that counts" category, however. Not perhaps a thought that was thoroughly thought through, but thought a least for a second.

"Hoppy" Valentine's Day.
-the other Mrs. Diggs

Casey said...

I am opposed to V.D. as well--both kinds :o)