Friday, February 8, 2008

i didn't cycle this morning. i should be better about allowing my muscles to rest. it's my brain that needs the distraction of the workout -- my thighs just want a three day weekend. so i took an anusara yoga class. it was just what i needed. the instructor is a delight. she's trying to coerce me into becoming a teacher myself. i've considered that since my early days of iyengar yoga when anna suggested the same thing. another something for me to kick around.

and i probably will start working at the ymca. i'll find out more next week, but it looks like it would be office style stuff and i'd be hopping between the two centers i frequent. and really, since i'm driving there practically every day, i might as well bring home a paycheck, right?

soooooo. . .emily is still not turning in a lot of her work at school. seems she's turned in virtually nothing in math. i've chatted with the teacher a few times and he's indicated that she wasn't showing him much, but when the progress report came home today, it's clear that she thought she could do nothing and get away with it. she came home acting sick and asked me check her temperature. very dramatic. i wonder where she gets that from. . . she had also mimicked my signature on the report, then tried to erase it. she's genetically prone to deceitfulness (her maternal side). i walked over to school and spoke to her teacher. for awhile, he will be giving me her assignments a week in advance. that way, if no work comes home, it's already here. here's hoping it makes a difference.

ok, back to my friday night at home with the kids. i hope someday i have a life more like most everyone else, when weekend time is actually restful family time (that might be an oxymoron) -- but you know what i'm getting at.

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