Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i'm getting a bit twitchy. i haven't gotten a real workout since last friday. my little jog on monday hardly hit the spot and yesterday i went to the gym for a weightlifting class but didn't get in many reps and only a few minutes of cardio while i waited for the class to start. so now i'm considering going running tomorrow morning. it will be snowing. and i hate the cold. but i really need my fix.

now, to address the concern of my reader (i'm pretty sure it's just you, m.p.)-- i'm ok. i really am. to get to this place took a long time and more self-discovery than i was comfortable with, but a separation from my marriage is the logical next step. i personally believe the ultimate demise of our union was a lack of nurturing to the marriage itself. we took for granted that we would just be married forever and rarely worked out differences. i dreaded conflict so i would try to ignore those little things that add up into big things and then became gigantic resentment. and when he began exploring buddhism, he concluded that his distaste for me wasn't worth overcoming. the end to his marriage came far sooner than mine. but alas, my marriage is now over as well.

i'll give you a call in the next day or two.

onto other things. . .i'm getting rolling on the fundraising job for the pet connection. it's a really neat organization and it's going to be fun and rewarding. if you're itching to make a tax deductible donation to a no-kill cageless shelter, give me a holler.

bedtime yet again. and i suppose someone should do the dishes.

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