Tuesday, February 5, 2008

judi would be proud. martin & i caucused this evening. now, kansas usually holds its primary long after the candidates have been pretty solidly established. i was shocked just a week ago to hear that our democratic caucus would be held on super tuesday. martin was fortunate enough to see mr. obama speak last week and we both became excited about the idea of caucusing and actually counting for the first time since leaving california. so this evening, we knew we needed to be at a nearby church by 7:00 pm to be herded over to one side of a room or another and be counted.

alas, it was not so simple. . .

anticipating a turnout of about 200 johnson county democrats, a handful of volunteers and some folks from the kansas democratic party opened the doors at 6:00 pm. less than an hour later, several thousand determined liberals lined 75th street in freezing rain waiting excitedly to be counted. because of the sheer numbers, a traditional caucus was not able to be held. after many folks spent close to two hours outside, then another in a crowded room, the eventual conclusion was to have us sign a paper and be counted that way. the consensus in the happy, chilly crowd was that none of us knew there were so many democrats in kansas. it felt very good. i feel very hopeful.

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