Thursday, January 24, 2008

ok, i tried BOSU yesterday at the gym. i felt like an awkward sixth grader trying out for the cheerleading squad (speaking from experience), but it was fun. and i sweated and was sore this morning -- which is what i'm looking for in a workout. despite the miles i "run", i don't feel like i'm making a lot of progress physically. i'd like to see my legs get stronger and leaner and my lower abs are still thrashed from an unnamed 10 1/2 lb. son i carried beyond term. i'm pleased with my upper body progress (ignore the sagging, er, um, skin). i'm definitely prepared for bare arms this spring. my hind quarters, well, that's another story.

got a note about my 20 year class reunion yesterday. i'd suppose that makes me old. i can't fathom going. but you never know. martin offered to go with me with cornrows and a grill. that could be fun. even as an estranged husband, he'll be a good friend.

i'm looking forward to the weekend. i'm wearing weary of the morning school routine already, though i'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that putting them into school was the absolute right decision. we'll have a struggle here and there but it's better than what homeschooling has been for the last few months.

yoga in the morning :)
shiraz right now ;)

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whoinsamhill said...

I think I had misinterpreted what you meant about "the other kids".