Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm giving this post a title so I can link to it....

ok, so i didn't work out this weekend. saturday was a planned day of rest after six straight workouts. i had every intention, even speaking of it through my third glass of wine on saturday night. my other dear mrs diggs doubted i'd make the gym. she was right. don't ask how, but mrs diggs, her husband jack and i downed five bottles of wine. we weren't looking to do that. casual conversation and tasty wine led us down that ugly path.
so she was right. i didn't make the gym.

by the time i felt better yesterday, the y was near closing time. and this morning i knew i had to work my united way job at 9:30. sure, i had planned on hitting yoga this evening, but i was craving my workout like no one's business. it's a nice winter day -- 52 degrees -- so i do something i haven't done since junior high. i went jogging. ok, i tried jogging. the first fifty yards or so were quite refreshing. then it started hurting. i have a runner friend who warned me that my lungs would try to kill me, and my legs would act like they were going to quit. but to listen to my lungs. i probably jogged/walked a couple miles. i'm starting to wonder what good i'm doing on the eliptical if i can't go 1/3 as far on the street. i promise i'll keep trying. at least for a while.

and yes, i did manage yoga tonight. it was lovely. exactly what my weary brain needed after visiting emily's teachers. we're having some accountabilty issues. poor kid has no desire to play along with the factory-like processes that is public school. i can't say i blame her. it just tries me. i mean, i was a total teachers-pet people-pleaser. how did i end up with someone who is content to not turn in her work because she just doesn't feel like finding it and placing it where it belongs?

hallelujah. it's the kids' bedtime.

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