Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ok, so yesterday i was so excited about caucusing, i forgot to mention that i actually tried running again. but this time with no weather, no hills, trucks. yes, i hit the treadmill. i managed three miles before i bailed, but for a girl who doesn't run, i think it was a pretty good start. i'm a long way from that half-marathon my girl michele runs. i'll give it another whirl tomorrow. i'm shooting for four miles, but my quads are fussing tonight, so we'll see what the morning brings.

on another note, i was surprised to receive an email from my very first and very favorite yoga teacher, anna delury. she's having a four day retreat outside of santa barbara in may. i'm strongly considering finding a way to make it happen. a little bird told me that a dear friend in cali is a yoga junkie too. i wonder if she'd be interested in joining me. . .

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