Friday, February 15, 2008

Playing Hookie

i skipped my united way job today. there were only two students -- i had them yesterday too -- and nothing would have been come from my attendance except frustration.

so what, praytell, did i do? there's no suspense here. i headed straight to the y. i was excited to take the cycling class again. though intense, i didn't pray for the hour to end through divine intervention like last time. it was a very good workout. and because my lifting routine has been hijacked, i excitedly stayed the extra 20 minutes for the core class. figuring after nine years of yoga, my core could keep up with some scrawny twenty-something's challenge, i was proven wrong. that cute little instructor must have legs and abs of titanium. i felt burning where i didn't know there was anything to burn. i'm fairly certain there won't be any bending down to tie my shoes tomorrow. clogs are more comfortable anyway.

so my dear aforementioned mrs diggs will be joining me at casa diggs tonight (my house is casa diggs, hers is chez diggs) along with her youngest. we think it would be great if our little ones married. then they could hyphenate their names. quinn and audrey diggs-diggs. anyway, there will be wine. though not as much as last time. we learned our lesson and will not be drinking five bottles of wine. perhaps one and a half. water too. even at our ages, we can learn from our mistakes.

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