Thursday, February 28, 2008

Processed Thoughts

I've lost my cooking mojo. I used to make almost all of our meals from absolute scratch -- dried beans, fresh vegetables, homemade sauces, heck. . .homemade pasta. I keep thinking that the next meal will be a good, healthy one. Then I cop out and and throw some vegetarian chicken-ish nuggets in the toaster oven and call it good.

So today I pulled out two of my favorite cookbooks and thought I'd pick a few recipes, make my grocery list and get back on track. But instead, I drank my tea, checked my email and then got wrapped up in reading some woman's 51-part saga of online dating in her forties. So six hours later, I'm tidying up the kitchen and there sit the cookbooks, begging to be used. Instead I tucked them back onto the shelf until I once again get beyond sick of processed food. Oh well, at least we have good bread. (Note to self: Make bread tomorrow)

And my insomnia is wreaking havoc once again. Three hours of sleep last night as well as the night before. How often do I have to exercise in order to be tired enough to get some damn sleep?

And on that note, good night.

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Anonymous said...

I am still so far from mastering menu planning. However, someone recently shared with me that she follows this basic menu plan: Monday-Vegetarian Soup; Tuesday-Pasta; Wed.-Stir Fry; Thursday-Crockpot Beans; Friday-Leftovers; Saturday-Indian or Vegetarian; Sunday-Breakfast for Dinner. I don't stick to that day-by-day, but some days it helps to pull me out of a rut to at least have a general idea to work from.