Friday, January 18, 2008

so yes, i've disappeared once again. things are rough here. martin has wanted a separation for over a year. i'm done fighting for a marriage (one person can't save it). i tried for a long time. now i'm done. i'm in therapy. he won't go. his myspace page has him "seeking dating and serious relationships" so i guess i don't count anymore.

i still do the dishes and the laundry. i have put the kids in school so i can seek employment and go out on my own. this is a lot to think about and do after fifteen years of marriage.

i don't expect anyone to check this blog anymore, which is why i'm comfortable ranting here. i'm sorry if you're someone i know and love and i haven't shared this yet. it's been a deep dark secret for a year. i didn't want it to be true so i wouldn't say it. but it's real. it's happening. i'm sorry i couldn't save it.

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whoinsamhill said...

I found yhour blog a couple of weeks back and just now decided to start from the beginning. Unbelievable beginning. A belated best of luck to ya!