Wednesday, February 13, 2008

so yesterday i decided i'd run. it had been several days and my legs were no longer holding a grudge. i hit the treadmill first thing -- i'm energized and ready to roll. about five minutes in, i'm pretty sure that running is just my warm-up for weights. yup. i hit the mile mark, slowed down and lifted. and i've shaken up my weights routine. . .a bit too much. i don't really have a routine anymore. i need to figure that out. so after a weak-at-best weights session, i went back to my old standby, the eliptical, and put in 40 minutes. so much easier than running. i must not be getting any good from it.

so today i decided i would force myself to run. and i did. shorter walking breaks, faster pace. i managed nearly four miles. i wasn't miserable. we'll see what my quads say about it tomorrow. but i'm happy that my stamina seems to be improving. again, a long way from that half-marathon.

winter is wearing on me. the seasons in kansas are so. . .sincere. they work very hard to get their points across. i should correct that and say that summer and winter are bullies of sort. spring and autumn are their perennial victims. did someone say "portland"?

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