Thursday, February 7, 2008

you knew i was kidding myself when i said i would run four miles today, didn't you? today's three miles were excruciating. my quads haven't forgiven me for running and lifting on tuesday, so they nagged me all through the run and for a couple hours afterward. i really want to take that cycling class tomorrow, but that might be more than my legs will stand for.

the other two kids went to the dentist today. he took out isaac's "shark tooth." three of the five teeth isaac has lost have had the permenant tooth come in behind it rather than beneath it, creating a not-so-great layering effect. the bottom two came out in reasonable time and the new teeth pushed forward reasonably well. this top tooth was a beast. it's been about six months and the deciduous tooth wasn't going anywhere. dr. riggs warned me that it would hurt quite a bit, then numbed him a smidge and got it out. isaac didn't fuss at all, but looked pretty shocked after it was all said and done. what can i say, the boy can control himself -- at least for folks other than his mother.

and no new cavities for either of the kids.

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