Thursday, January 31, 2008

you'll be happy to know i didn't have to run in the snow this morning. first off, the snow didn't end up coming. secondly, i cleverly remembered my dear neighbor has a decent eliptical and she was happy to let me squeeze in 30 minutes before heading to my united way job. it wasn't enough of a workout, but it certainly helped. tomorrow i don't have any kids at u.w. so i'll head straight to the gym and enjoy every minute of a real life satisfying cardio/weights routine. i'll probably sneak in yoga tomorrow night just to bring the high to a celestial level.

back to wacky marriage land. . .last night martin & i actually talked. we watched the new hbo series, "in treatment" and that started the conversation about my therapy, then our problems and we chatted for a good couple of hours. nothing is fixed. don't get your hopes up. he's not willing to consider anything until we separate for awhile. and i'm on that boat too. we're both looking forward to some space between us. perhaps it will be a cure-all. or we'll both discover that we were a mismatched pair all along. regardless of the final outcome, it was good to talk.

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