Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brother, can you spare an Ambien?

Oh, never mind. My neighbor Teri gave me one last night and I still only slept for four hours. Surely this will end soon. I'm too tired to not sleep at this point. Martin suggested I might be drinking too much tea. But it's mostly green tea. Sure, four 32 oz. pots a day might be a lot for some, but I have no other beverage vices. No soda, no juice, not even coffee. Water and tea. Oh, I guess wine and bourbon too. I'd suppose those count as vices, eh? Ok, so back to the tea. Today I didn't drink any [tea] after 1:00 p.m. So we'll see.

So after not sleeping, I went to the 7:30 a.m. spinning class. Why? Because I'm crazy. There could be no other explanation, could there? It's near torture, yet I look forward to it like nothing else. And, as always, just a few minutes after it started, I wanted to cry like a baby. I persevered. And I'm certain I'll do it again next week. But I really don't understand why.

So logically, with 13 hours of sleep in the last 96, plus ridiculous exercise habits I should be asleep right now, right? Okay. Then I should give it a whirl, shouldn't I?

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Anonymous said...

I talked to Tiffany earlier this week and she said that she has been seeing you at the spinning class, and she is so impressed at your perserverance. You go girl! And may you have sweet dreams tonight!