Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ethics, Schmethics

I don't want this to turn into a political blog (though it very well could this year), but I wanted to post this comment for all to see:
I don't know how in depth this issue was covered in the national news, but it has been a big deal here in Ohio. Many poling places ran out of their Democratic ballots, because here a Republican can switch to a Democrat. They have to swear that they have indeed made said switch, but in reality the media has reported that many Republicans felt that if they voted for Clinton, then McCain would have a better chance of winning. As far as I know, none of the poling locations ran out of Republican ballots. There were moms waiting with two young kids for over an hour for a ballot, but they ended up having to leave before a ballot arrived. (Some just voted on the issues.) I guess it'll become another one of the "What ifs?" in U.S. political history, although a relatively minor blip on the political radar screen.


I am saddened but not shocked by this. Why am I not surprised? Because my very own very conservative parents have used this same tactic in the past. They live in Missouri where they have an open primary. A few years ago when Democratic Governor Bob Holden was running for re-election, they threw their votes to him in the primary because he had not been the finest of governors and stood a greater chance of being beaten in the general than his opponent. Their Rebublican golden boy, Matt Blunt, won in the general anyway, but this just goes to show how ethical the party that wraps itself in the Jesus' robe can be.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was mind-boggling. I wish that I had some of the statistics at hand that were reported in the local newspaper. The number of Republicans that "became Democrats" was phenomenal.

We're in Pittsburgh right now, as Larry has been attending a Green Jobs Conference here for the past two days. There were rumors that Obama and Clinton might "drop-in" on the conference, separately, of course. But it never happened. This conference was put on by the Blue Green Alliance (a cooperative effort between the Sierra Club and the United Steel Worker's Union). We don't know if Clinton and Obama couldn't fit the conference into their schedule in the end, or if the conference decided not to politicize their event. Oh well, another missed opportunity to "get to know the candidates."


Casey said...

This phenomenon works both ways, however. My grandmother was such a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat that she was a registered Republican so that she could vote for the weaker canditate in the primaries. :o)