Friday, March 7, 2008

A Feverish Pace

It seems there's a plague of sorts that's hit here. Audrey missed day four of school today. I wasn't sweating it or anything -- she is in kindergarten after all. She was really sad to miss her friends yet another day, but because her fever was 102.6, I figured she should maybe stay home.

Isaac went in today -- mostly because his class had a field trip and Martin was accompanying them. He was pretty sluggish but glad to be hanging with his friends and going on his first school escapade.

And as for Emily, well, she's still lying about getting her schoolwork in. It would be a shame to fail the 6th grade, but it seems she's giving it quite a try. I'm frustrated with her, but moreso the teacher as he only lets me know these things every six weeks. I'd think that he might tip me off to late assignments after a few days. Em is smarter than all of us, I'm afraid, and has figured out how to beat the stupid system. They probably won't keep her behind, and she'll get away with minimum effort. A genius, I tell you.

I did manage to squeeze in a workout when Martin returned from the field trip. Have I told you how much I don't like to run? I don't know why I keep doing it. The good news is that I get to go to my torturous cycling class at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I know you were hoping I'd get to go so I could complain about it later.

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Unknown said...

ok, I am not really DEFENDING the teacher, I am just pointing out that Em's teacher has 20 some kids to keep track of, and if he is in the same hell as I am .... well then grades are posted online... so when a child fails or gets a lower than expected grade I have 15 parents emailing wanting immed response is...look at your kid...not me. I gave the assign. and I tell them/remind them.
Perhaps you could set up a weekly big deal...just ask the teacher if you could do a Thursday drive by....Stop in Thursday right after school ends to verify that Em's desk is cleaned out of papers that should have been done, and get a list of missing assingments. This way...Emily will learn how to work the system, not beat the system. If YOUR child realizes that mom or dad is going to check every week in a way that is in your face, they get their shit together real fast....
I speak from own personal ...lets go check the desk weekly with well as being in the room with the student/parent undone papers etc.

This forced August to become organized and responsible. When I went into the classroom and pulled 3 copies of the same assignment out of the desk with her name on it written by the teacher (meaning the teacher knew that it was makeup/missing work) not just once or twice, but for a good quarter of the year, (sometimes she did the same assignment twice, but never turned it in)....she got her act together.
I can totally see that as being an issue with Emily. Her teacher is looking at 20 some sheets of paper daily of math, science, reading, writing is HARD to stay on top of posting grades and nagging students etc. while running the class...he is probably doing nothing else with his life (remember me)

Take the next 4 weeks to do this and see if you need to continue or not. Call the teacher and tell him you are working with Em on responsibility and work ethics and realize that it IS HER RESPONSIBILITY to do the work and turn it in completed in a decent manner and that you want to conference with him and EM. Conference with EM and the teacher at the same time so that EMILY KNOWS that YOU KNOW and the TEACHER KNOWS that Emily is the problem!
Trust me ... she is... she is the kid. She may just really need to learn how to follow the the assignment, turn it you will need to model it over and over...Lots of children have this issue, not just yours, and YOU will be doing her a BIG FAVOR by helping her learn this now...cause next year she will have a locker and all hope is lost....
I miss you