Monday, March 3, 2008

God Bless the Sandman

I slept! I slept! I really slept! I don't know if I was just finally too tired to not sleep. Perhaps it was the valerian. Or the melatonin my friend Katherine gave me. Or that The Wire was so boring that there was no reason to stay awake -- okay, that was definitely not the case. Regardless of why or how, the joyous truth is that I slept for at least six hours. And I'm pretty darn happy about that.

So I gleefully hit the gym this morning after dropping the kids at school (yes, we only live one block away but it was really cold and windy and I was driving to the Y anyway.) I started on the treadmill. I still don't like it. Then a quick run through the weight room. Then to yoga*.

* Sidenote to yoga newbies: I'm all about you coming to class. It pleases me that you are exploring this ancient art that can bring you inner peace and physical well being. But it's not cute to grunt, moan and whine over each pose to announce your presence. We can all see that you are new to this practice. We do not expect you to have a beautiful cobra or down-dog. We do, however, expect you to respect the time we have set aside to meditate and exercise. Thank you for your consideration.

I feel a little better now.

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