Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

The ick has lifted more or less at Casa Diggs. Aside from some coughing and nose-blowing, Audrey and Isaac are playing at nearly normal levels. I took them out for Indian food for lunch to fill wake up their tastebuds and fill them up nicely. I must admit, I was pretty pleased to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning too.

So my big sister is coming for a short visit. She argued that I should suck it up and stay in a loveless marriage indefinitely. I ranted a bit more and she relented, but we'll see what discussions we have in real life. Probably not much, to be honest, as her teenage daughter is usually attached at the hip during their visits. And that will be fine. I've got a therapist if I want to discuss my mess.

I'll be taking them to yoga in the morning. Sister is very competetive and she'll try to outdo me despite my nine years of practice versus her zero. I will have to be very cautious to make my practice my own and let her fuss within her own head. I'm a bit competetive myself -- especially around her. I can only guess that's the case for many siblings.

Okay, so I'm off to bed. I have a big day ahead of me, after all. And I need to do all I can to keep the ick off of me.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I was sure hoping that Chad and Suzanne would get over their sibling rivalry phase before they reach the respective ages of 40 and 38. I guess I have little hope, eh??? Well in that case, I hope that you perservered!

If I get a vote, then I'd say that no one can comment on staying in a loveless marriage unless she is also in a loveless marriage...and the same marriage at that.


Anonymous said...

I can relate, both my older brother and my oldest friend (both of whom are named John and both of whom live in Denver) argued strenuously that I should stay in my marriage at least until the kids were out of the house.

I was truly surprised that anyone would make this argument and that they would be so presumptuous as to tell me what to do in such an intimate, personal choice.