Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Two of my Three Little Diggs are under the weather. It started Monday evening while I was out with Emily at a homeschool activity (yeah, I know we don't do that anymore) when I got a call from Martin that Audrey had thrown up. Seems only mothers are qualified to deal with vomit. So we left our meetup early and headed home. Aud was asleep by the time we got here, but fortunately I had plenty of laundry and cleanup to do -- I'm sure Martin was being considerate and didn't want to overstep his boundaries and into the realm of household upkeep. So she didn't go to school on Tuesday -- rested most of the time but didn't have any more "incidents."

When Isaac got home from school he was a little extra crabby and whiney, then quite sniffly, then unreasonably tired, and finally ridiculously hot. It doesn't appear to be the same ick as Audrey. It could very well be the super yucky flu that's kicking everyone's asses around these parts. He's home from school today (Audrey too, for good measure) and is still running a fever and is sluggish but doesn't seem to be as miserable as yesterday. He'll likely be home again tomorrow. We're crossing our fingers for being at school on Friday as he has a field trip.

I might never work out again.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that your kiddos get well soon, get back to school soon, so you can get back to your inspiring workout journey.

I made your tofu scramble recipe tonight, although I changed it up as well. 3 out of 4 of us gave it a thumb's up. Chad drove a hard bargain and agreed to eat raw carrots and fruit instead, as he said that the Roma tomatoes that I added were YUCKY!