Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Well, well, well. It's good to be the champs, eh? My dear Jayhawks won the National Championship last night and I'm feeling pretty fine. I did something fairly beyond my comfort zone as well. I went to a bar ALONE so that I wouldn't have to celebrate alone. I knew, I really knew we'd win. And I needed to be part of something bigger than me smiling in my own quiet house. So at halftime, once the kids were in bed (I let Emily & Isaac know so that if Audrey woke, they'd be in charge), I headed to the local pub and sat alone in a big booth. Big happy groups of folks cheered and sighed and gasped and clapped and I sheepishly drank my Guiness and tried to enjoy the spirit of the evening. And ultimately I did. I'm glad I went. In the end, a few folks hugged and high fived and even picked me up in celebration. Then I went home. And I was proud of myself.

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