Saturday, April 12, 2008

So another week has flown past. My addiction to exercise worsens as I'm now averaging six days a week. My preferred time to workout is early in the morning before the kids have risen. If you knew me in any of my previous lives, you know that's quite out of character and that maybe aliens have implanted a mysterious virus in my frontal lobe. Actually, that's as good an explanation as I could give for this madness.

Twice last week (before the weather turned miserably cold and windy again, I successfully ran in the wild. Last Sunday I managed a couple of miles before the rain got heavy. Monday, about three and a half. My marathoner friend Carmen told me that I'd like it far better than the treadmill. She was right. If only the weather would cooperate more often.

So Martin turns forty in a matter of days. His twin brother was going to come visit for a little get together he's having (I've been invited, but I'm not certain I'll be welcomed), but the day after KU's big victory, a doctor's visit revealed that Michael has a very mild form of thyroid cancer and will have surgery on Thursday. There is nothing to fret about. A small scar and a lifetime of hormone therapy will be the only after effects. He's in good spirits, but that must be a harrowing way to face the big four-0. Martin is taking it in quietly. Perhaps he'll choose to address his health issues. If not for himself, for his children. He grew up without a father. He surely wants better for his three.

My week started with strong ambitions of a job and housing search. I stepped in my way quickly and didn't get much done. An updated resume and a few phone calls. Hopefully this upcoming week will bring better things.

I had the wonderful privilege of hosting my dear friend Casey for a couple of days this week. She was in town on business and it was inspiring, as always, to spend time with her. And though it's a little out of focus. . .

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