Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

For my high school graduation, my little sister gave me one of those big collage frames with pictures of me from over the years. A lovely gesture, but a big collection of ME-ME-ME doesn't really fit in a family's home. So it's been sitting in closets and garages for the last 15 years. Today I decided to simply remove the photos and ditch the big frame. As I was un-taping them, I noticed one had been inscribed. It was a copy of my senior picture that I'd given to Bec. This is what I wrote.
Becky, You're my favorite little sister. Thanks for waking me up & getting me to school on time. Be sure to keep the Howrey reputation alive at GHS. No, don't! Love ya babe- Jennifer Sue GHS '88.
This might only be funny to those who knew me and knew her in high school. But I've been cracking up all day long over my reputation comment. I'm glad to see that through all of the hormonal madness in those years, I still had a sense of humor about myself.

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