Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Several months ago, I alerted you that my beloved Halfy's Thrift Boutique would be closing its doors. My dear friend Carmen had overextended herself and her time and couldn't bear to give up the next three years of her weekends in order to keep the place up and running. So she cut her losses and broke the lease. I'd been a regular customer there since its original incarnation at the now defunct Mission Mall when it was Second Hand Spot. Shortly before it closed its doors there, I made a promise to Carmen that I'd work in the new store while her mother recovered from treatment for breast cancer (she's well and fine today, thankyouverymuch). So in April of 2006, I began working a couple of weeknight evenings and Saturday mornings. That job brought me more joy than I'd ever experienced at a place of work. And not just because I was swimming in second-hand goodies. The customers were sweet (for the most part) and like me, were shopping for the sport of the hunt -- as opposed to my Williams-Sonoma customers who were generally old-money snoots who demanded their wants and needs be met without pause. We thrifty folk are a patient lot, knowing that any treasure we truly need will most certainly find its way to us in due time.

So for more than two years, I spent my Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and my Saturday mornings at a happy place. It was my escape. My solace. My refuge. I established wonderful friendships with my regular customers. I'll most certainly keep in close touch with volunteer Katrina, co-worker Syd and owner Carmen. All in all, Halfy's brought me joy in a time when my life was taking tumultuous twists and turns. And I am eternally grateful for that.

But today I said good-bye. The store will live on in a different location under a different owner. . .and with a different soul. I will continue my Saturday mornings there until I secure full-time employment (more on that very soon), and I will see my dear regulars. But it will not be my first love, my original Halfy's, my safe haven. And that is alright. Because as we've seen in the last few years. . .I'm pretty good at rolling with the punches.

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