Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

If I'm not mistaken, today is a very special anniversary for me. I'm pretty sure that it was a year ago today that I boarded an airplane -- all by myself -- and headed to beautiful Portland, Oregon to finally meet, after more than 10 years of correspondence, my dear friend Alex. It was a life-changing trip in many ways. I knew from the moment I flew over Mt. Hood that I needed to live there. And then I met the most amazing woman and her incredible family. I can't wait for another opportunity to visit and share and shop Trader Joe's.

And yesterday I got the most wonderful news from her. She has finished a book (she's an astounding artist) and it's being published by Blurb. So I present to you Little Deiter's Alphabet Reader. Shop early and shop often. I've already ordered my copy. Maybe I can coerce the illustrator to sign it.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to YOU!
Happy Anniversary to YOU!
Happy Anniversary Dear Jennifer!
Happy Anniversary to YOU!
And Many More!

You've transformed the way you live your life so much in the last year. By next year, I may not even recognize you.

Alex's book looks great!

I love how you sneaked your spice cabinet and retro kitchen clock/timer into your tart photo. I have such fond memories of spending time with you in your kitchen. Now I can visualize "your kitchen" being wherever your spice cabinet & your retro clock/timer are. Well...and your grain mill.

Happy cooking!