Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Luck o' the Irish

I have a dear friend who has developed a strong reaction to yeast and sugar. She's a tiny little thing and has lost 10 pounds in the last several months because her diet is so restricted. So I'll be seeing her tomorrow and I wanted to make her some bread. No yeast of course. No sugar either. I knew I'd seen a recipe for Irish Soda Bread in my Eating Well cookbook. I pulled it out to make a trial run. It had added sugar and some currants. I made a batch this morning and it was alright, but not fabulous.

So not to be defeated, I went to my trusty internet for answers. I found a website dedicated to the preservation of the integrity of soda bread. And this is what I found. And this is what I made. And it was ridiculously simple. And ridiculously amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...it seems like opening a bread bakery would be a good career option. Your muffins would be a big hit as well.

Given your "bread field trip," it is too bad that there isn't money in that. It makes me think of someone from my high school who has turned composting (and other environmental issues) into a school assembly program that supports his ultra modest style of living. His website is: www.stanslaughter.com

Given how successful he has been, your options are endless.