Thursday, May 15, 2008

Recipe for Success

I had the most fun morning! Far more enjoyable than I'd anticipated. A few weeks ago, I shared with Audrey's kindergarten teacher that I was a crazy bread lady. We agreed that we'd squeeze in a bread making session before the school year ended. So this morning, I loaded up the little red wagon with half of my kitchen (yes, the grain mill took the ride too) and I had more baking helpers than ever. What an amazing class of delightful children! They were politely excited to help and waited patiently for their turns to measure, pour and mix. They all helped knead and we're thrilled to be part of the recipe. When the bread was done and the teacher passed out slices, they quickly devoured the healthy bread and they all took a second slice -- some a third. Then out of the silence, I heard a sweet little voice say, "You make the best bread, Mrs. Diggs." My heart melted. I corrected him, saying, "No, you make the best bread." Then as they were lining up to leave, I received about eight loving hugs from children who I barely know. I felt so appreciated.

Maybe I don't need to have silly crushes on ridiculous boys to get that warm fuzzy feeling after all.

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