Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Month!!!

In May, while Neighbor Teri and I made pizzas here at Casa Diggs one weekend, we realized that we were missing local nightlife and needed to get a new groove. So we declared June to be Birthday Month and boldly stated we would celebrate the onset of our next year of our lives for 30 days. And to kick it off, we would go to our very first First Friday.

As mentioned before, it was magnificent. I had an absolute blast with Teri and Wasabi Boy (oooohhhh, so that's how you met him. . .) I looked out at the energy and excitement of that evening and realized I could like Kansas City. Having trapped myself in the suburbs, I've missed out on enjoying so many things and quite frankly, I'm done with that phase of my life.

So June started off with a bang and I've been flying high since. And today was a very special day of Birthday Month. Teri turned 43 today! We're both gleefully looking toward the our next year, so we're proudly embracing our ages. And even though we're having a Birthday-Solstice-Birthday party on Saturday(with a cake, a fire and a cake), I still had to make a cake to celebrate today. I wanted something small, so I checked in at Allrecipes and found a delightful Wacky Cake. I'd planned on your standard buttercream frosting, but realized I didn't have enough powdered sugar, so found this recipe for icing. Wow. Those two go together pretty well. I'll definitely hang onto those recipes.

So tomorrow will bring more party planning, shopping and baking. I'm giddy for Saturday. I can't wait to share the onset of a new season -- both of the year and of my life -- with my friends. Thirty-eight will be my best year yet!


Casey said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! I love you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day! I hope you are having a wonderful evening and I expect to hear all about it on your blog tomorrow...