Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party Girl

The cat woke me this morning. . .she said something about needing food. I thought everyone ate enough last night at the too-much-food-because-turnout-was-low party, but apparently felines have a more self control than I. Oh, and the party was at Teri's, so she didn't have had the opportunity to overindulge.

After I fed Charlie, I laid back down. The sun streaming through the blinds quietly reminded me that I don't fall back to sleep anytime after 5:30 a.m., so I began my to-do list for today in my head, knowing that additional clean-up would be top priority. And that's when it hit me. Oh, No! My Shun knife. I bet it's in Teri's dishwasher. I'll have to time my rescue mission very carefully so as not to wake her up, yet save the knife before someone runs it through a cycle. It's my favorite. I took it over to make the last bit of prep far more tolerable. (You know how I am about my kitchen stuff.)

The party was delightful. Two days of prep. A ridiculous spread of food. Enough sangria to bathe in (though I don't think I will). Turnout was lower than anticipated, but it was a joy nonetheless. And now there are leftovers. A lot. Really. Are you hungry for tacos? Come on over!

My big sis and her daughter drove across the state to join in the revelry. Teri's younger sister trekked a distance as well. Teri's former roommate, a co-worker and a couple of her match acquaintances -- ok, three, well, four if you count Wasabi Boy, joined in. And we had plenty of kids too.

The weather cooperated, so we spent a good portion of the evening lounging in the driveway. My kids had been awaiting the party for a week solely based on the promise of fire and marshmallows, so that came into play as well. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that some children shouldn't be around both sugar and fire at the same time.

So our First Annual Birthday-Solstice-Birthday Bash has wrapped, more or less. It was a wonderful time. It was good to be a hostess again. I haven't done enough of that since moving to Kansas and really enjoyed it. I'll add that to my list of promises to myself for my next life: more partying -- in the host-sort of way. But for now I'll clean the prep kitchen here at Casa Diggs and retrieve the other half of my goods from her house a bit later this morning. . .I sure hope my knife is okay.

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Anonymous said...

While the food and the company were delightful, the pagan fire dance ceremony was the highlight -- equally frightening and entertaining. Can't wait for the Autumnal Equinox party.

Wasabi Boy