Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So I said I'd get back to you on the job thing, right? Ok. . .this might get a little long. Brace yourselves. Or you could probably fast forward to the end. But there's no real conclusion as of yet. . .because I tend to roll that way.

It cracks me up that I have to tell you back story on even applying for a job. But I do. Because it's that good. . . So. . .a couple of weeks ago, a short while after I'd met most-recent-nice-man from MySpace, he was giving me grief over my screen name Just your average Jennifer. I claimed that I didn't want to raise any expectations and risk disappointing folks. He relented, claiming that I would be his secret exceptional Jennifer (a bit strong, but I'll take it). A day or two later, I was visiting my dear friend Katrina and she was asking about my many ridiculous adventures and stupid boy interests and I told her about him and his frustration with my title. . .and she tore me apart! She, for whatever reason, is a big fan of mine (I must admit, I have a tremendous respect for her as well), and she scolded me to no end about how I was only creating an image within my own mind that I was no more than an average Jennifer. So I came home, toyed with a name change and became Some kind of Jennifer. I still got grief for that from him. So at his bidding, I became Not your average Jennifer. And they both finally left me alone.

So, you're asking, how on earth does this relate to a job search? Well, since I'm not out of words yet. . .last week I was crazy on the hunt for a job. Lotsa calls, lotsa resumes, lotsa applications. And Wednesday was especially disappointing. Heard the term, "hiring freeze" so often, I got chilly. And I mentioned this to him, so Thursday morning, he sent me a note saying he had a feeling Thursday would be better and that he was sending me good job hunt vibes. Just after reading his email, I, for whatever reason, despite it typically being wrought with spam, checked Craigslist. And there, in black and white, was a job listing for Not Your Average Cook. I kid you not. A not-for-profit 16-bed AIDS nursing home that does most of their cooking from scratch. I shot off an email, along with a few photos of my recent culinary adventures (see how handy it is that I was blogging with food pics?). Wrote a nice little note and had a response within the half hour. Come in for a prelim on Friday. Best part is, it was near my Y where I take my very favorite cycling class. So I got my spin on and then went to the interview.

And it was brilliant. We clicked immediately. He's a trained chef, but spent a year in a whole grain bakery. Was a vegetarian for a decade. Favorite cooking show is Good Eats. Wants to build a bakery in the basement. He mentioned that he knew we'd work well together. Said he typically took a long time to make up his mind. . .then said he'd call Tuesday at 3:00. I was pretty sure I had it sewn up.

So about 3:30 today (and I'm about to croak awaiting the call), the phone rings and I calmly answer. And he's hesitating. Has some situation he has to explain. I quietly panic. It seems the person who I was going to be replacing had been a no-call-no-show twice last week. But he suddenly isn't allowed to fire her as per his superiors. He doesn't think she'll last much longer, but there's no room for me today. AARRGGHHHH! Oh wait. . .he's going to try to create a position for me! And will sell it to his boss as a money saving measure as I would be making more from scratch than their current staff can. You know The Universe is taking care of you when your perfect job is created just for you. I'll know more tomorrow around 4:00. And I'll update you after I peel myself off the ceiling. . .or the floor, whatever the case may be.

Postscript: I felt an unusual calm awaiting my phone call today. That would be because there would be no answer today. Seems last night's thunderstorm flooded the basement -- which is where the food storerooms are -- so management were busy dealing with that all day. Barring any remarkable events, I should have further details tomorrow. But don't hold your breath. . .


Sam said...

Wow, Jennifer, your cooking LOOKS so tasty when you post pix of it. I can offer you a position on my staff (of zero) as personal cook right now. I can't pay you, but I do have a PS3, and I'll let you play it as often as you want.

You in?

Not your average Jennifer said...

As tempting as it is, I might pass on PS3 privileges in exchange for cooking for you. Unless you live in Portland -- then we might be able to work something out. . .