Friday, June 13, 2008

Panic Button

So the few of you who I know that read this received a email earlier this week that you would now need to sign in to read said blog. Curious? Well, I came home to find my computer off-kilter and Mountain of Laundry was open. I hadn't opened the page in some time, so I knew something was awry. I asked the kids if they had been using my computer and they told me that, in fact, Martin had been logged on. This sent me into a tizzy as I felt rather stalked (had he been checking my history? how much of my blog had he read? what had I written about him?), so I quickly made my blog private, cleared my history and started drinking.

I texted Wasabi Boy and he reminded me that once something is on the internet, it's available to everyone. And that if his ex- was writing about their divorce, he'd certainly read it. A few hours and a few cocktails later, I returned from visiting Neighbor Teri and with no accusation on my part, Martin flat-out asked how I knew. I told him how and he communicated to me that he'd been reading it for months. Feeling a bit of a fool, yet still somehow violated, I went to bed with my guard up and the blog still protected.

The next day he pointed out how I was inconveniencing my friends by making it private. He also expressed his admiration for my writing (flattery certainly helped) and I decided let my guard down and open it back up. I really love writing this (though sporadic at times) and I hope despite knowing that my soon-to-be-ex is blurking, I can still be honest about my escapades, adventures, and of course, recipes.

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