Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party Girl: Part Deux

I know you've all been in a tizzy wondering about my knife.

Sis, niece & I walked to to Teri's for additional clean-up duty sometime mid-morning. Headed into the kitchen and began gathering bowls and food and pots and cutting boards. . .but. . .the knife. I must find it. The sink has quite a few dishes stacked in it. . .I think we avoided the dishwasher! I begin looking through and audibly gasp -- my beautiful Shun knife has been soaking overnight! This is bad. Alton would be disappointed. I rescued it and begged its forgiveness.

I gathered the rest of my property from the kitchen, then headed to the garage to retrieve my 17 remaining Guinness (my stout drinkers didn't show) and the fabled chairs. We loaded up the wagon and headed home with the goods. No surprise, we ate taco leftovers for lunch.

And now, for the lesson portion of today's post. I learned:
1. Plan a little earlier in advance for a party. Concrete invitations garner more respect.
2. Without a solid RSVP list, one shouldn't make sangria for 20.
3. Though Velveeta is neither cheese nor food, Ro-Tel Dip is an acceptable once-a-year indulgence.
4. When one enjoys cooking and baking and photographing food for one's blog, one should take a picture of the generous spread one hath prepared for a party.
5. Folks are going to need a place to sit. Have extra chairs at the ready at a nearby location.

I'm feeling fully recovered from the party. All foodstuffs have been neatly tucked away. Dishes washed. Recyclables recycled. And there are still eight days left in Birthday Month. Oh, what a charmed life I lead!

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