Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Baby James

I enjoyed another concert with my dear friend Katrina last night. When I realized she was an Alicia Keys fan and offered her the seat beside me at that show, she quickly invited me to be her companion at an upcoming James Taylor concert. I might've mentioned that I've not been much of a live music gal. But that was only because there were usually three little Diggs nipping at my heels. I think after last night, I'm officially a live music fan and will start doing my darndest to enjoy it far more often. Look at little Jennifer growing up!

The was an outdoor show and the day started with an ominous sky threatening to rain on my parade. But as time passed, the weather became more and more promising and by 7:00 pm, we knew there would be no more perfect night to listen to his silkier than a truffle voice

Of course, the evening started at her house where we reprised our pre-concert dress up routine for a good hour, digging through the mish-mash of clothes I'd brought along with hers and her accessories. It was really silly and fun. Then it was time for a photo shoot. See, I told you we were silly!

We arrived just after his first song. A whispering wind, crystal skies and a stunning moon set the backdrop for an amazing concert. His banter with the audience was very organic. He continually acknowledged his band and showcased their talents. He played his classics interspersed with some really fun covers. He appeared to really relish performing live. The evening was yet another blissful experience in my new found charmed life.

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Casey said...

Soooo jealous!! I LOVE James Taylor!! :o) I have been going through my James Taylor/Carly Simon phase while I paint!