Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Treading Ginger-ly

Delightful. Delicious. DeLovely.

I enjoyed every minute of my birthday. Well, maybe the gasping-for-air while running was a drag. . .and the guy at the karaoke bar whose mom had passed the previous day was a downer -- but other than that, a perfect day.

It all started with a cup of tea and a trip to the gym. Due to a membership card snafu, I was inspired to change my name to be Ginger and the tone was set for the day. Big Sis and I hit the cardio room and then the weights. I'd not been sleeping well, so I was a little off, but it felt great to get in a workout.

After cleaning up and feeding the kiddos, we headed to the new Halfy's for a bit then got Audrey and Big Sis haircuts. Lunch was at India Palace (a birthday favorite with the Diggs crew) and then the kids and I drove south to Mrs. Diggs' pool for a few hours of refreshing fun. [Refreshing for the kids = swimming. Refreshing for the grown-ups = sangria]

After a bit, we hit Chez Diggs for an amazing Blueberry-Peach Crisp she'd made. Never one to turn down a lovely chorus, I enjoyed the vocal stylings of Mrs. Diggs, Quinn & Audrey as they sang that classic we all know and love.

We headed home shortly thereafter, only to find that Big Sis and niece had prepared a Flourless Chocolate Cake, and gifties from Martin & the kids were awaiting me as well. Flight of the Conchords and Ledisi cds and a signed copy of David Sedaris' new book.

With no time to dawdle, Sis & I dolled ourselves up for the big finale of Ginger's Big Day Out -- karaoke. Martin recommended a bar he and his workfolk frequent, The Red Balloon, for its extensive playlist. Concert Katrina tagged along, though far outside of her comfort zone. A smoky dive bar ("What do you expect for 75 cent pool?", Martin argued), Sis & perused the music library for songs. After a holy-cow-I-guess-we-don't-know-this-very-well-after-all duet of Ain't No Mountain High Enough, I sang a fair You've Got a Friend, Sis the soprano performed Cool Change and after much second-hand smoke, my finale, Crazy.

And though my hair and my clothes wreak of tobacco and gin, I can sit with myself a bit longer and gaze back upon my wonderful day and know that the upcoming year will be unlike any other. Feel free to continue to call me Ginger. And perhaps by birthday #39, my header will read Exercise is a Delightful Compliment to Love.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog! Watch out, pigs will surely fly soon!

So happy you had a Gingeriffic birthday. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way.

Great pics! Ok, so what up with the silver gloves??????? Holding out some retro goodies on your vintage pal, are we, hmmm???????

Mrs. Diggs

Anonymous said...


I'm happy you had such a wonderful day. So sorry I couldn't be part of it, but I promise to make it up to you.

Wasabi Boy

Papa Buck said...

Ginger, glad to see you had a good birthday. Did I tell you there are way too many Mrs. Diggs in the world? Hope to see them all this weekend. Buck