Monday, June 16, 2008

Ugly Pie

Another success, albeit unattractive, from 101 Cookbooks, was a Heavenly Pie I made on Sunday. And as per usual, I felt compelled to make a substitution. I was out of graham crackers and didn't want to make yet another run to the grocery store, as I missed two turns last time I'd tried to go (can you say distracted?) I have a recipe for the crackers, but wasn't excited about making them, baking them, crushing them and then making the crust. I'm far too impatient for that. So I tweaked the recipe a smidge, made a pressed, rather than rolled crust, and got to work. Made the filling which was ridiculously simple, baked it and then, oh man, it needs to chill completely!
My patience would be tested. But my impatience would win out. . .put 'er in the deep freeze, I say. So while holding a hot pie, I make my way to the garage, open said freezer and realize I must do some rearranging. I carefully set the pie down on some gigantic bag of grain, move a few packages of frozen goods and then place the pie on a rack, only to have a bag of two year old brussels sprouts tumble smack on top of my formerly lovely Heavenly Pie. I only wish I had thought to take the picture of the vegetables covered in chocolate. But those of you who know me have probably already figured out that I licked that package clean.

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