Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Under Pressure

Remember when I said I wasn't going to do any more plumbing here at Casa Diggs? Did you really believe me?

Our kitchen faucet has been a royal pain in my arse for over two years. Our pipes have an extraordinary amount of lime build-up and it has flaked its way into the innerworkings of the faucet. So pressure was weak at best and then sometimes it would seem a piece of gunk would lodge itself somewhere it shouldn't and the waterflow would just stop. This made dishwashing unbelievably annoying. But not annoying enough for me to take the risk of the fussing with the pipes in what could turn into a three day event. . .until yesterday.

I don't know that it was remarkably worse than the day before, but it finally got to me. I thought I could certainly wait until I moved out this summer. But I couldn't. So I tinkered a bit last night, hoping to find some obvious simple solution. Nope. So this morning I headed to the hardware store and hesitantly purchased a new cheapo faucet. Then I dawdled around for another hour buying groceries because I didn't want to dive in.

But I did. And there were no additional trips to the hardware store. The hardest part was removing the old faucet. And I got a little wet. But I have real water pressure now! Admittedly, I'm a tad bit embarrassed that I waited so long to improve my quality of life so drastically. More than that, however, I'm glad I didn't wait until another tomorrow to fix it.

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