Tuesday, July 22, 2008

. . .and the horse you rode in on. . .

Big Sis did a marvelous job of documenting my children's week at Camp Fulton Manor. Though I'll resist posting all 67 photos she gave me, along with the dozen or so that I took, I'll start with these three collages. . .

Catching toads, playing with Ringo, holding Basil while walking Dutchess, and playing with Slim

Riding Jet (who would later betray him), the eggs he gathered daily, climbing the rock wall treadmill at the Y, and the aftermath of being bucked off of Jet

Digging the kid-size treadmill at the Y, riding Dutchess led by Cousin E, where her tooth used to be, and playing with Most-Fun-Uncle

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Anonymous said...

Like I always tell Chad about his camps, Camp Fulton Manor looks like a camp that I'd love to attend, if only I could live my life as a kid over again. It looks like it was an invaluable opportunity, hopefully for you as well. For some reason both Audrey and Emily look more mature than when I saw them in December. Maybe it is partly the image stuck in my head now of looking over and seeing Audrey working out on the treadmill next to me.