Sunday, July 20, 2008

Labor of Love

I'm being paid to do something I love.

I was mid-lasagne -- chopping onions and garlic (and my fingertip), building a sauce from scratch and blending cheeses when I realized how fulfilling my new job is. And though the occasional meal is a festival of fried goods with little or no creativity required on my part, most of what I'm making is inspired and delicious.

On Saturday, Chef and I headed to the Farmer's Market to choose vegetables and spices for the week. We were giddy looking about at local and unusual produce. The smell of fresh peaches and canteloupe wafted from the kitchen while I incorporated corn, tomatoes and herbs from nearby farmers into today's entrees.

So despite the tired that is draped over me after seven consecutive workdays, I'm gratified that I will return in three days to baste and broil for an appreciative public.


Anonymous said...

So, was it veggie or meat lasagna in the end?

Wasabi Boy

Casey said...

I hope the fingertip did NOT make it into the lasagne!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, and a bit envious ...only because I wish that I could find some work (other than my kids) that I love as much as you do! Betsey

Not your average Jennifer said...

Fearing a revolt by the carnivorous residents (as per the advice of a very wise -- and handsome -- Wasabi Boy), I added some, but not a lot, Italian sausage to my sauce.

And I kept my fingertip to myself.