Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the Fringe

When I heard about the Fringe Festival a year ago, I envisioned quirky performance art like women shaving their heads, rolling in paint then weeping for 40 minutes. Wasabi Boy suggested we attend this year's event and as I trust his judgement (and really, what's the harm in watching two men stare at newspapers while wearing galoshes and clown noses?), I happily agreed, found a babysitter and we hit the town.

The first show we chose was the Bric-a-Brac Vintage Vagabond Variety Show and it was remarkable. It reminded me of my Renegade days (oh, if only I could link to that!) but happily didn't leave me longing to take the stage. I do, however, want to learn to play the bass now. That will have to take a back burner. . . Wasabi & I left really impressed and excited to see our next venue, The Alley Cat Revue, a delightful burlesque show that was equally impressive. I initially questioned the necessity of an Elvis impersonator dressed as a circus clown doing cheap magic tricks, but in the end it seemed to work. We then hit our last event of the night, a performance of Dances of India. It was good, but dragged on a bit and quite frankly, made us hungry for Korma Sutra.

While out on our date, we ran into a couple of acquaintances. Martin's best friend, Rossanna was at the burlesque show and a pair of Wasabi's friends who knew he and his ex- were at the dance performance. It was first a bit awkward, and then refreshing to be "outed" of sorts. Martin had told Rossanna of my new relationship as she and Wasabi have actually gone out once. And as for the other couple, well, they've not taken sides in the separation of their friends and it didn't seem they were uncomfortable with the notion of Wasabi out with a new woman. Kansas City is fairly small. Neither of us were surprised to bump into those we knew. Could it have been more dramatic? Sure. And we'll leave it at that.

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Anonymous said...

What an evening. Martinis, cheese, pasties, flames, accordions, a trained bear, Punch and Judy and jangly bangles. Who could ask for more?

And no worries about the Burlesque creating unattainable expectations, although that whole juggling flame while stripping was pretty, um, hot. ;)

Thanks, as always, for great company.