Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Math

Seven days since Martin flew to China. I'd have to say, of any week in my recent past, this was definitely one of those first day (week) of the rest of your life -type weeks.

As I mentioned, Martin left last Sunday. After dropping him at the airport, I came straight home and cleaned out his closet. No, I'm not moving him out -- just taking advantage of the space he's not utilizing. And I do feel like we, as a family, will not be long for this house once he returns. Then I lit incense, turned on music and cleaned the house. It was the most enjoyable day of housework I can recall.

Monday I made my first trip to Hope Care Center as a new employee. Got my schedule, passed my drug test with flying colors and confirmed that I am, in fact, free of felony convictions.

Tuesday I started cooking. And have been running with it ever since. Though there is much to learn, I ran the show solo from breakfast to dinner today and have a pretty good feel for the way things roll. It's a good job. At a good place. With good people.

And my big week was interspersed with wonderful visitors. Sunday our friends Bucky and Bill came from Los Angeles with their amazing daughter. Deva joined their family a year ago and has been a beautiful blessing. They are doting fathers and it was a joy to watch them in action. Bucky was front-row and center for more of my three children's early years than just about anyone. Glad to know that didn't scare him away from parenting.

Tuesday, Betsey and her brood from Cincinnati made time for the Diggs. We joined them at their hotel pool then to Blue Nile for marvelous Ethiopian food. I delight in the fact that my kids would sooner eat legumes and curries than a hamburger.

We managed to squeeze in fireworks with neighbor Teri -- actually, we lit some sparklers for the kids (it's safe to build a mini-fire in the driveway and let them feed from that, right?) and then they wandered the neighborhood to watch other folks who were more committed to pyrotechnics than she and I. But everyone had fun. We're pretty good at that.

Finally, Saturday was my really-finally-actually last day working at the new Halfy's. I had not found true joy at the new Halfy's like I had at the old one, so I was not saddened by my exit. My wardrobe, however, might suffer.

I think I'll stick with these changes for awhile. I'd like to adjust to the big stuff before I add to my plate. Though I wouldn't mind subtracting a husband.

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Sam said...

It sounds like your new life is quite the undertaking. I can't wait to hear more!

Have you ever thought about a food blog? I really enjoy hearing about your cooking and the interesting restaurants you mention.

I checked, and is available!!