Saturday, August 16, 2008

No-Hurry Curry

Okay. One more day. Of my seven day stint, that is. I was completely wiped tonight when I returned from work. I looked around at the mess that had once been my tidy home and I sat on my arse. After a few minutes, I managed to tackle the kitchen then tuned into the Olympics. The women's marathon. Why is it that their pace is remarkably faster while running 26.2 miles than my 3.8 mile jog? I couldn't bear to watch for long. I was too embarrassed.

I then thought about how I'd purchased convenience foods for the kids to survive on while I was working my long weekend. And then remembered that they would be heading directly into a school week of not-so-healthy lunches. And I panicked. How will I juggle the nutritional needs of my children with my work schedule. Even on my not-twelve-hour-days, I'm not getting home until around 6:30. Then I make dinner? When do they do homework? Bathe? Play?

Slow cooker to the rescue. . .vegetarian style! I snagged Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker some time ago at the old Halfy's. I perused it once or twice but it never seemed necessary. It's a rare occasion that I realize dinner is coming more than 20 minutes before six o'clock, so why would I need a recipe that anticipates a meal by six to eight hours? Well, I do now. So while flipping between the Olympics and a couple of home design shows, I looked through the book. It contains lots of ethnic recipes and a curry caught my eye. I headed to the kitchen with a new found energy (again, glad to have cooking mojo leftover) and chopped and sauteed and seasoned and stirred. Tomorrow around noon, I'll instruct Em to turn on the Crock-Pot. And around 6 p.m. she'll start the rice. I'm already looking forward to the aroma that will greet me at the end of my workweek.


Anonymous said...

ok, why you make curry...i am once again stuck on the NEED to make cabbage rolls. I really find it annoying that none of my San Antonio friends really appreciate my NEED to redo and redo and redo the same food over and over again until I hit the taste I am looking for. I REALLY need you to give up the idea of Seattle and definitely focus on San Antonio!
Miss you (and I am sure at this point you are saying "Thank god I dont have to make 16 versions of cabbage rolls." but I am sure that I will enjoy the cabbage rolls!

Hey...your meat and potato people might like Cabbage rolls!

Love you...Libby....and some day we really do need to talk longer than hey I got to go...

Anonymous said...

You know I am really thinkng that I have discovered a new eating disorder. Even after moving south I have yet to find anyone that gets stuck on a food like me. Maybe I should publish a study....

Even my own child gets pissy with me....I think she went 6 months without eating a hamburger because I was stuck and couldnt eat anything else but...well you know how I was probably the day she had hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner that did her the dinner table she took 2 bites slammed the burger down and announced she could no longer eat hamburgers....oh well, another 50 bucks in the college/psych couch fund...Libby

Anonymous said...

i mean portland...not seattle...either way forget it...come south

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really do have your hands full!

I am going to try really, really hard to come up with a meal plan and shopping list each week (maybe even on a multi week schedule), and either cook ahead of time (or find ways to follow in your footsteps and cook via a crockpot).
Two similar cooking "tools" that I sometimes rely on are my pressure cooker, and especially my rice cooker. I got the rice cooker at the oriental grocery store (that is next to the Jewish grocery store) and after it cooks the rice it'll automatically switch to a warming mode, so it can be started in the morning and keep the rice warm all day. The top seals, so it really doesn't dry out the rice.

I do have a cookbook called Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure: Two-Hour Taste in Ten Minutes. It is by Lorna Sass, and I think that she has written other pressure cooker cookbooks as well.

Happy cooking! And may your return to a school schedule be as smooth as possible.

Suzanne starts kindergarten at the Waldorf School a week from this Thursday, although she'll only be there 1/2 a day. I can hardly believe it.