Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Out of Touch

Just a quick mention that I'm not ignoring you. Not at all. And my life isn't boring right now either. Not at all. I am, however, feeling pretty 20th century right about now. My laptop died. And then I tried using the other ancient laptop. Dead. So for a few days I used the kids computer and now it won't connect to the internet. Here I sit at work, using Chef's machine to check my email and connect with my massive fan-base.

So a quick update before I serve lunch. . .school starts tomorrow. Emily will hop her first school bus. I'm quite nervous for her to enter middle school. Isaac & Audrey will still be at the building behind our house. I don't know how the after-school juggle will pull together. Martin will be in L.A. next week then I don't know that anything else is in concrete as far as travel goes. (Oh yeah, he got back last Saturday night). So school. Yes. Another new something to fit into my work schedule.

Ok, time to feed the residents.

Yeah, fan-base. I like that.

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Duf said...

Hi Jennifer from your brother-in-law (the one in Minnesota). I talked to Martin yesterday and he mentioned that you had a blog so I read it this morning. I'm mainly leaving a comment so that my addition to your fan base won't be on the sly. No judgement here. Don't censor yourself on my account. Let me know if you or the kids need anything. Take care.