Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Running Like a Girl

Let's make that Grrrrl! I've been really enjoying my morning runs as of late. The weather in Kansas City has been nothing short of phenomenal so it's been especially easy to hit the pavement when it's a comfy 65 degrees when I head out as the sun rises. I realized this morning that it won't be long before it will be dark when I exit my front door at 6 a.m. Most of my exercise gear is black. I'll have to work on that.

And I found my way back to yoga this morning. I haven't practiced for more than two months as my two favorite teachers went on maternity leave at the same time my job search ramped up. I found an 11 a.m. class but didn't know what style it would be. The instructor turned out to be an old homeschooling acquaintance. It was a slow paced but very good class. Just perfect. I left refreshed and excited to restart my practice.

I am very much enjoying my first three days off of work with the kids at school (and Martin in L.A.) I've caught up with a couple of friends, enjoyed a cappuccino with Wasabi, made some tasty food, and tomorrow brings more of the same. I'll be making lunch for Concert Katrina and later joining Mrs. Diggs for coffee and toe-jobs. Back to work on Thursday and Friday should be fun as well. I dig my job.

And in case you're wondering what I've been eating (other than leftover curry), I traded a neighbor a glass of wine for four garden fresh tomatoes. I'm absolutely certain that I got the better deal. A basil chiffonade and fresh cracked pepper atop summer's finest fruit made today's afternoon snack stunning and satisfying. The remaining tomatoes are small. I'll have to barter for more very soon. Hmmmm, I wonder what I could get if I wandered the neighborhood with fresh-baked bread. . .


Sam said...

. . . love. You'd get nothing short of love.

Not your average Jennifer said...

Oh, love. I really like love.