Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stir Crazy

At the end of my last seven day stint at work, I kind of surprised myself by longing to cook. My food. In my kitchen. Seasoned to my tastes. So as I drove the kids home from their grandparents', I asked for dinner requests. Audrey quickly responded, "Stir Fry!" and dinner had a plan. Upon arriving at home, I began marinating the tofu then made a quick run to the store for broccoli, snap peas and another red pepper and dinner was next to done. It was satisfying to pull together a dish for the family that I knew was healthy and delicious (note to my tofu detractors -- tofu can be tasty!)

Then the next morning because I'd found a super-duper price on blueberries while on my stir-fry run, I made my annual Blueberry Danish This is a recipe I discovered years ago but only make once I've eaten all the fresh summer berries I can stomach. I swear it was prettier the first time I made it, but it was tasty as usual. And again, rather gratifying to be creating in my kitchen.

But now it's time to go to work. Where I will cook. And bake. And be fulfilled.

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Sam said...

For a fat man, reading a website about tasty food is akin to a porn site. You should be ashamed of yourself!