Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Lease on Life

Some time ago, I acknowledged that I needed to "get a job, move out, get a divorce, and then [have a crappy mini-relationship]." It took two months to manage even the first of the three. Then I was inspired to get the ball rolling on the divorce while Martin was in China because I knew it could take months to get that finalized. But securing housing was a big looming cloud. With only a couple of months of employment under my belt, I knew it would be a challenge to find someone willing to take a chance on me. And while I'd crunched the numbers over and over and over, I was unsure that my budget could truly withstand the weight of rent and all of its accompanying expenses.

But as a gesture of goodwill to myself, I kept my eyes open for rentals. I checked out apartments in the area and frequented Craigslist to see what was in the neighborhood. It seemed that my bank account was not Johnson-County-Friendly. . .if I wanted more than one bedroom, that is. Soon, a couple of distinct possibilities worked their ways in and out of my life. And then last Saturday while I was running, I spotted a FOR RENT sign out of the corner of my eye (as I sped so quickly past a side street that I nearly missed it!) In our first phone conversation, I learned that the owner was hoping for more than my means allowed. I squeezed in a little ditty about being handy and having chutzpah and he encouraged me to see the house nonetheless. So Sunday morning I did. And it's a great house. Better than a previous one that I thought to be perfect. I was upfront about my history and current situation and a couple of days later, he informed me that he wanted me to be his renter. Within my fiscal parameters.

Then I ran through Hope Care Center in such a state of glee that the nurses likely thought I was having a seizure.

Tonight I signed my lease. I will be moving mid-October. This is as big a step as I've taken on my new journey.

Lucky me. Now I'm eligible to have a crappy mini-relationship. Hmmm, I hope that's optional.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like what you want is a crappy mini relationship... Why would you want anything to be crappy? Turn that frown upside down and make crappy, HAPPY! Where oh where has Letterman gone?

Not your average Jennifer said...

I'll take The Electric Company over Dora the Explorer any day.

And no, I'm not seeking said relationship, just referring to an old post and old observations from a freshly single p.o.v.

But you're right. A happy relationship fits my "charmed life" theory quite nicely. I'll be more careful to watch my Ps and Qs. Or at least my Cs and Hs.

Anonymous said...

See things do work out when they are supposed to...I love how that works. Congrats on the house.
PS ... I still love you even though you somehow promised if I carried a spoon etc the fluff man was going to show up....I am not saying it ISNT going to, I am just saying that he hasnt yet...and we all know how patient I am...besides...I figure if he hasnt mysteriously appeard by wed. i go to the damn store and by my own!

Anonymous said...

buy not by...dang wine...

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