Monday, September 22, 2008

Projectile Pyrex

or Martin Has Turned the Kitchen Against Me

Martin prepared a big pasta casserole for the kids for dinner. Shortly before it was ready, little neighbor Vincent came by and whisked the kids away on an adventure of some variety. When it was done baking, Martin got a piece for himself and left the rest on the stovetop. And the kids continued to play without sustenance for a solid hour.

A bit later, Audrey directed my attention to a strange smell in the kitchen and I headed in to investigate. I could see by an indicator light that a burner was on but it was too dark to know which one. I flipped the light switch but it only turned on the ceiling fan. I could tell that Martin had powered the wrong burner to heat the tea kettle but couldn't find the knob. And then POP! A 10 x 13" glass dish and its contents were strewn about the room. I shoo'd Audrey away from the shards of glass as she was shoeless. And then it started to sink in just how amazingly fortunate she and I were that we weren't hurt. We were both within two feet of the dish upon detonation. And pieces of Pyrex flew as far as 20 feet away.

Martin and I got to work on cleanup. I'm certain we'll be finding splinters of glass for the next several weeks -- hopefully not in our feet or our food. Emily was concerned that I'd be sad about the broken dish. Martin and I were bummed that the kids didn't get any tasty casserole. And Audrey will probably wince every time she sees a clear baking pan anywhere near a tea kettle.


Christine said...

I am glad no one got hurt. I have had that happen when water hit a glass pan too soon after coming out of the oven. Projectile glass is never a good thing!

jennifer said...

I remember you telling me about it exploding but didn't remember how it happened. Durable but volatile, I guess.