Monday, September 15, 2008

Seoul Food

Just as Big Sis is skipping her way through The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, I guess I'm hurrying through my Rush Hour cookbook. As seems to be my modus operandi, I spent my first day off work cleaning, shopping and cooking. This morning I had a couple of cookbooks out looking for a banana bread recipe (they're really ripe) and realized I should plan a dinner. Since my last menu was such a hit, I grabbed my new favorite book and browsed the summer menus. And though I'd never even eaten these before, I was certain that Korean Pancakes would hit the spot tonight. It was accompanied by Sticky Rice with Peas and I reprised the Gingered Peach Gratin as per Isaac's request. Made a shopping list and, well, I went thrift shopping. Luckily there is an Asian market next door to a store I frequent so I easily justified my trip. While in the market (oh, what fun it was!) I was inspired to add spring rolls to my menu and picked up a couple of other interesting finds.

Long story short (and you do know that I could go on and on, right?) Delicious! I couldn't have imagined a tastier, more perfect meal. I really didn't know what to expect and the pancakes were magical. The dipping sauce was amazing. The spring rolls were fresh and, well, springy (Audrey ate ten) and their sauce was delightful. I subbed red sticky rice and it was quite lovely. Added some fiery kimchee and I couldn't have been more pleased. Or full. But it's a happy full. And my soul is nourished too.

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