Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stressed to the Nines

I think there are about eighteen things I have been meaning to blog about from the last few days, but work and other life events have kept me on my toes and away from the computer. And as the sun has set on my day and my eyes are beginning to cross, the only memorable (to my hazy brain) event I feel the need to report is the fact that Isaac has aged another year, while I have not. Pretty neat trick, eh?

I was unable to get my 12-hour workday covered, Martin took care of most everything for the big day, with the exception of a ninth birthday cake prep (see, Judi, I still do it, though with far less enthusiasm than in the old days), as well as fulfilling his breakfast request, coffee cake. So after work, I reported to a local pizza joint where Isaac and three of his friends were excitedly awaiting the second leg of their party -- bowling. We left shortly after my arrival and headed to Mission Bowl for ten frames of unbridled joy for the kids. Ten frames of personal humiliation for me. And then cake and gifties. A darn fine time, I'd have to say. It's good for me to surrender control of the party and food for a change. I guess I'm accepting my new role as working mom.

And as you can see, Isaac wasn't too bruised by my lessened participation as party manager.

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