Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rude Awakenings

I slept sooooo poorly last night. Actually, it started out as a potentially good night's rest and then around 3:30, Audrey awoke (loudly), missing her irreplaceable unicorn, "Pretty." I helped her find the purple doll, then she asked to sleep with me. Martin wasn't home, so I granted her wish. Then I didn't doze off. Ack. So around 5:00, I decided I could catch up on a long-due email and got ready for spinning class, had my Greek Delight for breakfast and a slice of bread made fresh last night (though I rarely eat before exercise), and headed to the gym. And when I got there, I sat in Hot Red Speed with my head low as the lack of rest caught up with me.

But with gas prices as they are, I had to do what I'd gone to do. So wearily I stepped out into the rainy dark and greeted my classmates with a tired sigh. Then I got my workout on and enjoyed a better-than-average class. Threw in a few minutes of abs at the end just to feel especially good about my morning and headed back to the van. When I got in, I noticed some dark splotches behind me. Had something spilled during transport to my new house? I flipped on the light and was appalled to see that my side window had been shattered and my purse stolen.

And that pretty much set the tone for my morning. Police report, credit card and bank calls, canceling cell phone, wishing I hadn't put the camera in my bag yesterday. That kinda stuff.

And if you haven't done the math, this is my move-in week. So Mrs. Diggs and Concert Katrina planned (and followed through) on helping me today with general unpacking and tidying. Mrs. Diggs took the morning shift and Katrina the afternoon. They both made me realize how blessed I truly am to have the most fabulous friends in all the land. . .

. . .even if someone is out there enjoying my less-than-stellar credit and writing checks that my a$$ can't cash.


Anonymous said...

Sucks, but glad you werent in the car at the time of the robbery....Libby

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Like you needed that time suck. Sorry that happened. Nothing like the need to hunt for a new purse! I am sure you had plenty of choices left at home. However they lacked the important ID info yours had!